Day One

We closed on the Farmhouse on Friday, October 7th. The closing itself was easy enough- we met at a credit union with the sellers, their agent, and ours and signed a bunch of paperwork. The only surprising thing we found out when we were there was that our new neighborhood has some sort of Home Owners Association. Apparently our house, due to the age and uniqueness, isn’t under the association. We were surprised because we had no knowledge of any neighborhood HOA because it wasn’t in the listing for the home.

The closing took about 20 minutes and we had the keys in hand and were off to see our house! Since food is always the most important, we stopped at a Thai place near our house. It’s one of a very few Thai restaurants in the area and it’s only about ½ mile from our house! Knowing there is a place we can get Thai nearby is like a little sense of Chicago comfort since it’s one of our favorites.

Driving up to what was now our home was an odd feeling. It was a happy, accomplished feeling that we got a home we loved but also a feeling of “Oh no, now we have a huge, old house we need to remodel. What did we get ourselves into?!”.

We took a new address/baby announcement picture in front of the house before it got dark. We weren’t prepared to do any work since it was already about 7pm by the time we had gotten the photo but we looked around and noticed a few little details that we hadn’t seen other times we had been to visit. It’s so difficult to take in all aspects of the house when there are realtors around or an inspector. It was nice to look the house over and talk openly, just us, about all our lofty renovation plans.


As we locked up and drove away we knew the following months would be full of adventure and (hopefully very few!) surprises.

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