Day Zero

After searching for over 4 months, we finally had the keys and were homeowners again! But that’s what happened on Day One. Let’s go back to the beginning…

Our journey began in Chicago in early June. We had been thinking about moving since February but after we found out that we had a baby on the way, our thinking turned into looking and planning.

We first saw the Farmhouse on the Redfin Real Estate app. We toured it a week or so later and fell in love. When we showed up for our tour, the owners were about to leave their house for the last time. The owner greeted us and gave us an extensive, personal tour of the home, including mentioning all the historical aspects and charming details. He also graciously gave us a copy of the Pulitzer Prize nominated book he had written.cincyfarmhouseWe made what we considered a reasonable offer based on the updates we wanted to do and our budget. Unfortunately, our offer was turned down by the sellers. With sadness we mentally moved on from our renovation dreams and got to work looking for a move in ready house in our first-choice city of Indianapolis. Meanwhile, we placed our Chicago condo on the market to sell. To our surprise and delight, our condo sold in three days to the first people who toured it. We had a wonderful problem on our hands because we hadn’t yet found a new house to buy! Family stepped in to save the day and in late August we moved in with Mike’s parents outside Cincinnati.

Mike put it well when he said that he never thought he would be 30 years old, homeless, and living in his parent’s basement with his pregnant wife. We buckled down and house-hunted more fiercely than ever. Especially in suburban areas, the real estate market really slows down once the school year starts and we felt the effects. We weeded through hundreds of houses online, toured dozens, and found nothing we loved. After much discussion I agreed to tour the Farmhouse again because at this point the sellers had lowered the asking price to very close what we initially had offered them.

The second time we toured we liked the house just as much as the first, however, this time around we had done our research. We had gotten preliminary ball-park quotes on the services that we needed done and Mike had even started to work out a rough renovation budget. As we ended our tour and shared our thoughts with our realtors, we told them that, after doing more research, we still thought the current list price was too high for the work we wanted to do and our budget. We left the tour telling them that we’d keep in touch if we decided on anything and went home to consider our next move.

Less than 6 hours after we left the tour, our real estate agent called us and said that the sellers were asking us to make an offer. This was unexpected and unusual so we figured we might as well make another offer! The worst they could say was no again and we were used to that.

After lots of back and forth, we agreed upon an offer and signed the paperwork contingent upon a home inspection. Our home inspector was an awesome guy named Chad from Slab to Slate Home Inspection. He found lots of things that needed to be fixed in the house including some things we weren’t necessarily expecting. The biggest ticket items that he put in his long inspection report were that the entire house needed new windows and a new roof. We went back to the sellers to ask for some of the items that needed fixing to be deducted from the offer price. They lowered the price to a point where we could make the needed repairs to the house while still maintaining most of our renovation budget. It was a deal!

We scheduled the closing date for October 8th–almost 3 months from the date we first toured the home. Our new, old home would finally be ours!

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