Days three + four

On Sunday, Mike took out more of the kitchen cabinets and the wet bar that was in the family room while I continued to take down wallpaper. To cap the wet bar sink pipes, he used SharkBite Push-To-Connect Fittings for the first time and they worked like a dream! The lower sink cabinet, as always seems to be the case, was difficult to remove around the pipes but after some cuts, he was able to free the cabinet in one piece so that the wet bar could be donated to Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore. He made a lot of progress on the kitchen and took out the sink, garbage disposal, and dishwasher.

Monday the 10th was a busy day. We had lots of people coming out to give estimates- a wood floor guy, two roofing and window companies as well as Classical Stained Glass, who we had scheduled to take away and repair the front door.

The leaded glass window in the front door had popped in either from age, damage, or a combination of both. Since the window was bowed out, it was a not at all secure and we were worried that the whole window would fall out and the glass ruined. Fixing that window was a top priority for us because we both loved the uniqueness of it and the fact that it was at least 100 years old. The matching transom above the door also had a few cracks so we had both the window and transom taken away to be repaired and re-leaded. It was estimated to take about four weeks until it was finished since a couple pieces of the beveled glass weren’t salvageable and would have to be recreated. The guys installed sheets of wood in the front window and transom so that the door was enclosed until he was finished with the glass to give us some security.


One of the two roofing/window companies that we had out was Feazel. We had four different companies give us estimates on the roof and the windows. Every window in the house needed to be replaced (all 25 of them!) as well as the windows in the milk house and a sliding glass door. Our roof had two layers of shingles everywhere and in the oldest places of the roof, the shingles were layered upon wood plus the original metal sheet roof. Needless to say, putting a new roof on our house wasn’t a very simple, straight-forward job! Thankfully, in negotiations for the house, we were able to get the price lowered to (mostly) accommodate for the new roof and windows the home needed. Feazel gave us a great price for the windows and roof so we decided to go with them because they were decently reviewed and gave us the best price for what we wanted.

The wood flooring guy who we had come that day was very nice and helpful but seemed a little high priced so we decided to make another appointment for an estimate with a small company called Totally Floored. Our goal was to have the kitchen and downstairs bathroom have wood floors that seamlessly matched the rest of the first floor so that those areas looked more original and incorporated with the rest of the downstairs. Also because, if we had it our way, every room in the house would have wood floors! Chicago and previous homes we grew up in spoiled us with real wood flooring and now we prefer it.

One thought on “Days three + four

  1. Leslie Rabideau says:

    This is very cool idea to blog the renovation!!!! I’m excited to keep tabs on your progress along the way. Congratulations on the baby news….you will make great parents 🙂

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