Days Five + Six

On Tuesday, October 11th , we had a general contractor come out to give us estimates on large chunks of the work that needed to be done throughout the house, including the kitchen and the master bathroom. The contractor, who we really liked personally, ended up being too expensive for us. Our view of contractors had been that they could save you money because they had their own team that they employed in order to give a more accurate price and cut out the middle-man. In some cases this is true, but in this case the company we had out was just way too high priced for us. We would have loved to use them because they are a Christian, family-owned business and the owner was so nice, straightforward, and helpful! This didn’t stop us in our contractor hunt but it did help us to realize that we would need to be more choosy about what specific projects we needed a contractor to do if we found one that was able to stay within our budget.

Another important thing that happened that day was that Mike ripped into a wall in the master bathroom to see if the back of the original kitchen fireplace was salvageable on the second floor. Unfortunately, due to tons of time being covered up, the brick was too decrepit to expose in that bathroom. Moments of being bummed out that a great idea won’t work are sad but necessary in order to come up with a viable layout and plan for each room remodel. This was not the first of our lofty design ideas that would be nixed by our old home and it would not be the last.


The wall with the beauutiful, poop-brown, floral painting is where the original fireplace that is in the kitchen runs behind. Mike took of the toilet paper inset to break through the wall to see if the brick behind was salvageable in order to be exposed.

The following afternoon we had a couple more people come out to give estimates and I had my second doctor’s appointment with my new, Cincinnati Obgyn. All was good with our little, 19-week old, rainbow baby “Boo” and its heartbeat was really strong and loud! It’s always so fun to hear the heartbeat because other than the pregnancy symptoms and increasing largeness, there’s not yet any other way to insure that the little guy or girl is in there! The hospital that I’ll deliver at is only a 10 minute drive. It’s basically the next exit up on the highway right near our house so I’m pleased with the location and the fact that it’s supposed to be a great hospital.

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