Days seven + eight

On October 13th, Mike finished ripping out the old kitchen. The sink and garbage disposal were the last to go because of the plumbing involved and because the sink was so heavy but we finally had an empty kitchen! That same day, our roofing and window company came out to finalize our bid to replace the roof and all the windows in the house. The shingles on the house were a rusty-brown color so we also had to make the decision on which new shingle color we wanted. In order to keep the house looking very classic and graphic, we chose to do a charcoal color. I thought the dark roof would play nicely off the black shutters and look bold without looking flashy or out of place in our typical, suburban neighborhood– although our old style, yellow Farmhouse stands out regardless!

All our stuff that we had put in storage in Chicago on August 28th was finally delivered to the Farmhouse on October 14th! Anyone who’s moved from or to downtown Chicago knows that the moving process can be quite a headache thanks to the city and all their rules. One of the many rules are that you’re not allowed to park moving trucks on the street so when we were planning on moving, we had to get creative. Since we didn’t have a house yet when we moved, we couldn’t just move our stuff directly to the new place. Mike found this awesome, unique company called ZippyShell. They bring a trailer ON WHEELS (therefore it can legally be parked on a Chicago street) to your house, you (or a company you hire) load up your stuff, ZippyShell hauls it away, and puts the giant cage that was in the trailer into one of their temperature controlled storage units. From there, your stuff awaits you telling ZippyShell where they should bring it whenever you’re ready. We hired New City Moving in Chicago to load up our furniture and boxes (that we had already packed) into the ZippyShell, which was a great decision! Professional movers are so fast and so efficient; we just sat back for a couple hours and watched as all our stuff magically disappeared out of our house and into the trailer. This was especially the best decision because I couldn’t lift anything over 25 pounds thanks to Baby Koebel.

When Mike called ZippyShell to schedule our delivery to the Farmhouse, they offered him a deal where they would unload the truck and all our stuff for free. We said something to the effect of, “um heck yes, thank you!” Guys in a United Moving truck showed up right on time and unloaded all our furniture and boxes to the rooms we designated. They were so friendly and quick. Our experience with ZippyShell made our complicated move so easy and stress-free. They were affordable and flexible throughout the entire process. We could not have been more pleased!

It seems really materialist to miss your worldly possessions but after 2 months of living out of suitcases and a couple choice boxes, it was so nice to have access to all our things again! Not to mention that having our things in our house made it feel a little more like home, despite it looking like a complete remodel-disaster zone.

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