Day eleven

Because of all the dust inside from Mike ripping up the foyer floor, on October 17th I decided to take the opportunity to stay outside on a beautiful day and make a dent in cleaning up the leaves in our yard. (Which is an unending job thanks to us purchasing the house in the fall!) Sadly, our neighborhood does not have street leaf pick up so we have to bag our leaves and put them out with the weekly trash. As you might have noticed from pictures of our house, we have three very large, very mature trees that drop truckloads of leaves. They’ve gotta be well over 130 years old because in the below photo, you can see at least one of the trees on the right side that is still next to our house.


Thankfully when we bought the house, only one of the three had started dropping so hopefully each will take its turn and the amount of leaves won’t be too overwhelming.

As soon as I started working on the leaves, I knew we would have to get some sort of tool to help so I did some research and purchased a Toro 51619 Ultra Blower/Vacuum from Home Depot. It’s a leaf blower and can be switched to be a leaf vacuum that mulches the leaves and sucks them into a bag you wear on your shoulder. It had good reviews and I knew that if I had to rake and bend down to pick up every leaf from a pile, I would lose steam even quicker. Also, bending over isn’t my favorite with a growing baby bump. I like the Toro a lot, one negative is that it can’t handle wet leaves so you have to thoughtfully plan your leave removal. In addition, it can’t handle sticks, bark, or nuts. You basically have to pick all the sticks out of the area you’re trying to clear before you rake or blow the leaves together. The bag of mulched leaves does get pretty heavy when it’s full so after a couple straight hours of leaf pickup, my shoulder was pretty sore. Under the right conditions though, dry leaves, no sticks, it’s a great tool and it really does dramatically reduce the time it would take to bag all the leaves. We know we’ll love the big trees in the summertime but right now they are just a huge pain! We wanted beautiful, mature trees in our yard so this is the payment we get.

I also spray painted the light fixture for the nursery today! The semi-flush mount is from Lowe’s and was a great price for a Sputnik-style light. However, it only came in a brushed nickle color and I wanted gold to be the accent color in the baby’s room. A quick coat of primer and then metallic gold spray paint and the fixture was just want I wanted!

Since it was a good day for spray painting, Mike went up on the garage roof and took down the rooster weathervane that had originally been on a barn that had once sat on our property. We didn’t really want to keep it red, since there isn’t any other red on the house, so we decided on a hammered silver color. I think it turned out great! It also was pretty crooked before, so when Mike put it back up on the garage, we made sure it was much straighter.

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