Days Twelve + Thirteen

On Tuesday the 18th, not much happened of note. That day we got a big delivery from Lowe’s that contained our electric stove/oven and a bathtub we were planning on putting in the upstairs, guest bathroom. It took us a while to decide on a stove. Neither of us had really cooked on an electric stove before (we both have been lucky enough to have gas in our condo and our other apartments) so it made the decision harder. The stove we settled on is one that had good reviews but equally as important, we liked the look of it. The upstairs guest bathroom had a gorgeous avocado green one-piece tub and a matching toilet so we knew at once all that would have to go.

On the 19th was our 20-week ultrasound day! Finally we got to see “BooBerry” after not seeing him or her since July 21st when our baby looked more like a frog than a human. This was the ultrasound where we could find out the gender since we haven’t already through optional blood testing. We wanted the gender to be a surprise for us and didn’t want the tech to tell us while we were at the appointment. The plan was for me to call my brother George, who lives outside London, and the tech could step outside the room and tell him over the phone. Then, sometime while we were in Europe visiting George and his wife Alyssa, they would surprise us with telling us the gender. Mike was much more anxious to find out what we were having than I was. I had already pictured the nursery as gender-neutral (so that we could reuse anything big we bought for any future children) and I’ve had experience with both baby girls and baby boys and could have happily waited until delivery to find out the gender.

The ultrasound was very cool! The way you can see the baby’s skeleton and its head and limbs was amazing. The technician described everything she was seeing to us and she didn’t notice anything wrong or unusual, which was such a blessing and relief. The baby did not stop moving the entire appointment! Once, when the tech was trying to get a look at the baby’s profile, it kept turning its head directly toward the wand and would look straight at it so she couldn’t see the profile. We had to apologize that our child was being so uncooperative! At one point I got pretty overwhelmed with the strange idea that there was a person with a skeleton and eyeballs that was moving and thinking and dreaming on its own INSIDE ME and I got a little light-headed. The tech told George the gender and we got lots of pictures of our little one. The appointment took almost a full hour (probably because our active child wouldn’t stop rolling around and avoiding pictures!).

That evening we carved pumpkins that Mike had brought home a few days earlier to surprise me. Even though we wouldn’t be state-side for Halloween, I still always feel the need to celebrate each holiday. Especially when you don’t have your own place to live in, it’s really important to me to be able to keep up some sense of normalcy and commemorate the year’s milestones.

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