Days Fourteen + Fifteen

Today the dining room chairs that we ordered from Value City were delivered. They are from the Joanna Gaines Magnolia Home collection. Of course, for anyone who’s ever seen Fixer Upper, you’d assume that they go perfectly with our modern-farmhouse aesthetic and were a good price– and they were! We still have to find a dining room table that we like to go with them because the dining room table from our condo is much too modern for the look of the new house. I’m picturing a white-washed table to go with the black farmhouse chairs and the black dining room chandelier that I bought from West Elm (which unfortunately is no longer available).

The ceiling scraping also began today! Ben the owner of Assured Construction and his team are the ones doing the ceilings and it’s a huge job– even bigger than Ben expected. It takes them a long time to scrape off all the texture, sand it, and then it will need to be mudded and smoothed. Because the texture isn’t popcorn, it is much more difficult. During our research we found that popcorn ceilings are actually supposed to be pretty easy to remove so if it had just been a popcorn texture, we probably would have tried to tackle the removal of it ourselves. Since it’s not, we are so glad that we hired out that job. While we are gone in Europe on vacation and to visit my brother, his team will continue to work on the ceilings while we are gone. It’s such a messy job, it really limits what we are able to do while they work on the ceiling. We would love to have the entire house’s ceilings scraped but for at least now, we are only planning on doing the first floor.

This week our electricians came over and started putting in the new recessed lighting as well as started work on moving the electrical around in the kitchen to accommodate for the new kitchen layout. The recessed lights we got are new to the market and perfect for retrofitting. They are very thin, unlike the typical recessed light that have about a four inch can that has to sit up inside of the ceiling, and can be placed anywhere in the ceiling even under a joist. They’re called Lotus LED Light- Super Thin and we got tons of them! Before there was no overhead lighting in our front room or our family room (switches are linked to outlets so the previous owners just used lamps) and now there will be so much light! The LED lights are also very energy efficient, which is another huge bonus. The LEDs were more expensive than the typical can light but based on the fact that we can place the new lights wherever we want (not dependent on joists) and the energy efficiency, they were totally worth the extra cost.

Our kitchen layout is changing pretty dramatically from the original layout so a lot of electrical stuff needs to be moved (as well as plumbing later on). Below is the original layout and our new kitchen plans from I hated how the old kitchen had no symmetry and how the sink was tucked behind the fridge so the new layout will play off the symmetry of the windows, add counter space with an island, and will hopefully be much more user-friendly!





It was busy week before we jet off to Chicago then Europe for two weeks! In my next few posts, I’ll be talking mostly about our trip and less about the house so if you’re interested in travel tidbits, ever plan to visit any of the places we did, or just want to know about our trip, read away, but after that, I’ll start back up with house-stuff. 🙂

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