Days Sixteen, Seventeen + Eighteen

More dusty ceiling scraping and more electrical happened on the October 22nd and 23rd. The new plumbing for the kitchen also went in. As I mentioned in the last post, we had the sink moved from the opposite kitchen wall so the waterline had to be moved to accommodate. Our plumber is actually from Roto-Rooter. He’s a guy named Charlie and he’s excellent! He works so quickly, is easy to schedule, friendly, and is really helpful in answering any other random questions we have as we do the smaller plumbing projects by ourselves.

Because the house was dusty and full of workers, I was getting ready for our trip to Europe. We had been wanting to go ever since my brother and his wife moved there for work, well over a year ago. Back in March, we had bought the tickets and never expected to be living in Cincinnati when we would go on our trip! Packing for a long, international trip becomes much more complicated when half your belonging are still in boxes somewhere in a construction zone. Thankfully I tracked down everything we would need– thank goodness for boxes that we labeled well!

On the 24th, we drove to Chicago for three days before we leave for Europe. Mike had a social event for work downtown that he needed to attend so it made sense that we both went early since our flight was out of O’Hare. This was the first time I had been back in Chicago since we moved, so I was particularly happy to be back. While Mike worked, I had Roost for lunch, went to the zoo, and spent time with the family I had been a nanny for. It was so nice being back, seeing them, and being in a familiar city again! Cincinnati is nice but I still don’t know my way around all the highways. Since we aren’t living in our own home and haven’t settled on a church yet, we don’t have any friends here and it still doesn’t feel like home to me. Once we find a church we love, join a small group, and move into our house, then it will feel much more like home. It’ll just take time to figure out where everything is and which of the many highways goes the direction I need to go. We also had dinner with close friends of ours, were able to see them before their first child was born, and were able to share our own exciting baby news! When we lived in Chicago, we’d go out to dinner or make a point to get together with them at least once a month and we both really miss having friends around like them!

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