Days Twenty-Two + Twenty-Three

Because George had to work on the 28th, we decided to take the bus to Oxford for the day. Oxford is about an hour away from where George and Alyssa live in High Wycombe. The bus was shockingly expensive (about 60 pounds/dollars total) but it was the only way to get there without a car. We went to the Grand Café, which is known to be the site of the first coffee house in England. We then headed over to the University Church of St. Mary the Virgin. It cost 7 or 8 pounds to be able to climb the narrow church tower to the even more narrow, one-way walkway around the top of the church to see the view.

We then walked past the Hertford Bridge and to the Ashmoean Museum. The museum was free and afforded us a free place to use the bathroom and an opportunity to warm up. After walking around the museum a bit we were ready for lunch at The Eagle & Child. The pub is known to have been a hang out spot for C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. We placed our order at the bar and sat. Mike had a burger and I had fish and chips and both were just ok. Maybe the place is just too touristy but we were disappointed in how average our food was for such a well known spot.  We did some window shopping at the covered market and at the name brand stores on Queen Street. We walked over to the Oxford Castle but didn’t want to pay the admission price. We then waited for our bus and headed back to High Wycombe.

For our first real stop on our journey, we liked Oxford. There wasn’t too much that we wanted to do there and hadn’t been planning on visiting but we did walk around a lot and see much of the city. I can see why people love going to school there because the city has a nice mix of old and new.

After George and Alyssa picked us up in their car, we headed straight for the Jurassic Coast. The drive was about 2 hours to our hotel on the sea. The hotel was pretty bare-bones but they had a big breakfast in the morning. We basically just went to bed once we got there because it was too dark to see or explore the sea or the two piers that were near the hotel.

On the 29th, we woke up early, had breakfast then headed to Lulworth Cove on the Jurassic Coast. The cove was so picturesque and from there we hiked over to Mupe Bay. The hike was beautiful. Unfortunately the area to see the fossilized forest was closed while we were there but we could still see some of the remnants of the huge tree trunks that were on the cliffs right next to the sea. We had a nice lunch or sandwiches, beer, and hot chocolate at a place called the Lulworth Cove Inn.

After lunch we drove further down the coast to Durdle Door. The path down to Durdle Door was super steep but the view was well worth it. The sea was completely calm and the water was amazingly clear. If only it had been warm, it would have been the prettiest swimming spot!


Durdle Door

We had to get back to High Wycombe that evening for a Halloween party with friends. Mike and I had planned to go but our costumes were in our checked bag that had yet to arrive. Instead the two of us decided to spend the evening in at George and Alyssa’s apartment and ordered some delicious Indian food and watched Nexflix. It was nice to have a relaxing night after two very full days of walking and travel!

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