Days Thirty + Thirty-One

In the morning we woke up, had breakfast at our hotel in Hallstatt again, and headed for Salzburg. Unfortunately the weather was cold and rainy all morning. We parked the car in Salzburg and walked to our hotel, Star Inn. The hotel was very nice and modern! We headed out in the rain to see as much as Salzburg as we could. We first headed to Café Tomaselli (the oldest coffee house in Austria and a favorite haunt of people such as Mozart and Max Reinhardt) and had a traditional tea, with what we in America would probably refer to as a Viennese Table, where the waitress brought around a large tray full of cakes and sweets and each person chose which they wanted. All the desserts were delicious so you couldn’t go wrong!file_002-11

We then attempted to walk around the shopping area but either because of the season, the weather, or the fact that it was Sunday, most places were closed. We did stop into one amazing shop called Peter Priess that only sold blown, decorated eggs. It was a very cool place. We bought a Salzburg ornament egg there but if I had hundreds of dollars to spend, I would have gladly bought dozens of the unique, colorful eggs. We thought about going to the Christmas museum then decided against it and walked towards the Museum of Modern Art to see the view from the top.


Thank goodness my raincoat fit my belly back then!

file_000-16The four of us continued our freezing, wet walk to find Augustriner Braustubl zu Mulln for lunch. We got to the brewery before they opened so we took refuge from the weather in a large, beautiful church across the street. The wait and the walk were worth the authentic beer garden and brew hall! We had pretzels, beer, cream puffs, schnitzel, and chips. While we were there, the rain turned to snow. When we left, the snow was sticking and made our walk even colder.

file_005-7We headed towards our hotel by way of the Mirabell Palace to snap at least one Sound of Music photo. We got back to the hotel and warmed up for a while before deciding on checking out the pizza place next to our hotel. L’Osteria had a cool vibe and unlimited free pistachios! So we decided we liked it. The food was decent but it was a nice warm place to sit and enjoy a meal. (They also had a great non-alcoholic beer list!)

We woke up and headed for the airport in the morning, dropped off the rental car and again our flight left on time! We arrived back in Stansted and decided to drive to a large antique place in the countryside before heading home. Unfortunately we didn’t find anything we loved but it was fun to look at the antiques of another country.

Once we got back to High Wycombe, we ordered Indian Food in for dinner and watched a bunch of episodes of Family Tree on Amazon.

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