Days Thirty-Two + Thirty-Three

On November 8th, George had to work again so Mike and I walked to downtown High Wycombe to get breakfast and look around. We had breakfast at this American BBQ place called Bluegrass BBQ and were not disappointed! We would have loved to try every meal they served based on how good breakfast was.  We then walked around their main shopping area and went into their department stores and wish we could have bought so many things! If only we had more pounds leftover and like ten more empty suitcases. M&S department store had so much nice things in their home goods. Because we still had the afternoon to kill, we decided to eat lunch at another great place called Bill’s, and to see a movie. We saw The Accountant and both really enjoyed it. By that time it was dark and time to walk back to George and Alyssa’s place for dinner. They had made us an amazing dinner of pork belly, asparagus, and mashed potatoes with homemade apple crisp for dessert. (It was a good food day :)) After Mike and I packed to leave the next morning, the four of us sat around all evening and speculated about the election.

Homeward bound on November 9th! Back our country with a new president elect. The flight attendant sarcastically asked the passengers around if any of us had heard anything interesting on the news recently. Our flight was on time and felt so much shorter than our flight there. When we landed about an hour early, we were so happy to be home!

We picked up our car and headed for Cincinnati and back to our fixer-upper!

For more on our trip, and for European travel in general, please check out my brother an sister-in-law’s amazing blog, You won’t be disappointed!

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