Days Thirty-Four + Thirty-Five

While we had been gone on our trip, the ceilings had been finished being scraped and the window installer had been out to take final measurements. Mike’s parents graciously checked on the house every day we were away.

When we got to the house, we were so excited to see how the ceilings had turned out! It made a huge difference in making the house look more modern. The electricians were also there to put in the kitchen recessed lighting that first day back. The kitchen with the scraped ceiling and new bright lights looked amazing. It was so nice to come back to some progress rather than feeling like the house project was stalled while we were away.

Mike and I installed the light fixture I had spray painted gold in the nursery.  Baby’s first semi-flush mount. 🙂


On November 11th, the electricians were back again to keep working on installing the recessed lights around the rest of the house. They worked on the family room and dining rooms. Mike’s parents came over and helped take out a ton of ivy that had been growing out of control around the garage and we are so thankful for their help!

I had my 23-week doctor’s appointment that day and all’s well! “BooBerry” kicks me all the time. I’m beginning to hope that he’s more active in the womb than he will be outside.

We mostly did a bunch of small, odd jobs the rest of the day… I stained the new upstairs balusters that Mike had installed and we realized that they had not been stained but instead the original balusters had been painted! When we had bought the house, the upstairs railing rungs were clearly spaced out too far. In our home inspection, it was one of the many things that came up as needing to be fixed. Thankfully, Mike is great with carpentry and bought matching balusters to match and set a new one between each existing one. They turned out great and now our future baby won’t fall through the railing!

I worked on taping off all the door hinges around the house so that they could be painted a matte black. I also took off all the door knobs around the house so they could be replaced with matte black ones.

Mike sawed off the railing in the foyer with the reciprocating saw to get rid of the balusters and hand rail so that we could start building the new, solid half-wall between the foyer and the living room.

The stained glass guy was back with our beautifully restored and repaired front door window and transom! He installed them as well as added reinforcement so that the window would not pop out again. It looks amazing and we both missed having the window there since it adds so much character to the entryway!

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