Days Thirty-Six + Thirty-Seven

On November 12th, we had Home Depot paint-match the color on the existing balusters and I worked on painting the new ones to match. Luckily they matched really well! Our trip to Home Depot was a big one because we needed lots of random supplies and the rest of the materials to build the half-wall to separate the foyer from the front living room.

When we got to the house, Mike started building the half-wall while I ripped out the remaining ivy and regraded the ground then sprayed the entire area with RoundUp. I finished taping all the door hinges and did a little more touch-up paint on the balusters.

Mike decided that the wall would be sturdier if he inset the wall into the opposing drywall. The wall went up quickly and pretty easily but the mudding took a long time to dry.

While the mudding dried, Mike started work on ripping out the main floor bathroom/laundry room because the guys who would demo the bathroom floor would be there next week. After a lot of work he was able to tear off the sink top and cut the sink pipes. He had to use his reciprocating saw to cut through the pipes and again used SharkBite compression valves. He took out the sink cabinets and we donated them to Habitat for Humanity.

We ended the evening with another in a series of trips to Menard’s to get chimney caps for our upcoming new roof and more compression valves so that the next day Mike could work on removing the toilet and the washer and dryer from the main floor bathroom.

On Sunday the 13th, we tried a new church that we noticed on the drive to Home Depot. Unfortunately we didn’t love it. Another trip to Home Depot to pick up supplies before a short stop at the house to sand and add another coat of mud to the half-wall before heading to our nephew’s 5th birthday party. The REAL Captain America showed up at the party so it ended up being pretty exciting. 😉

When we got back to the farmhouse, I started work on the ivy area around our garage and covered it all with black landscaping fabric to kill the ivy and any weeds underneath and secured the fabric with landscaping staples. From what I knew about Ivy and from what I had read, it’s almost impossible to get rid of, so we did everything possible we could to keep it away since it had been growing through the siding and the cement foundation of our garage.

Mike continued work on the downstairs bathroom and was able to unhook and recap the washer and dryer as well as take out the toilet! This was a very typical weekend for us at the house. Lots of projects going on and always a couple that NEEDED to get done by a certain time so that things were prepped for the workers who were coming in.

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