Days Thirty-Eight + Thirty-Nine

Sorry for the delay in updates- unfortunately the long, running diary I had been keeping of all the things done to the house over the last few months was lost when my computer’s hard drive died. 😦 Of course, it was the one thing I neglected to save to Google Drive. After multiple attempts to retrieve the file, I have finally given up. Thankfully, all major and a lot of minor projects are still recorded on our calendars, in receipts, in photos, and burned into our memories.

On November 14th, it was new roof day! During our home inspection, the biggest ticket item was the roof. The original metal roof was still on the parts of the house that were the oldest. They had put plywood over the metal then two layers of shingles over that in those areas. Needless to say, it wouldn’t be a simple or easy roofing job! After getting multiple quotes on the roof and the new windows we needed (every window needed to be replaced) we decided to go with a local company called Feazel to do both the roof/gutters and the windows. They were the cheapest and seemed like the best quality for the amount we were able to spend.

A huge crew showed up Monday morning and wasted no time getting to work! By the afternoon they had the whole old roof off and began putting on the new. They literally worked until 10pm cleaning up and had to come back for most of the day Tuesday to do additional finishing work and to continue cleaning. We love the color we chose for the roof and were happy with the overall quality of work. Our only negatives were that no one on the crew spoke English (so it was difficult communicating things that we wanted to make sure they were doing- like correcting some old venting issues) and after they were completely done, there were still countless pieces of shingles and roofing nails around our house and in the bushes. Another issue we have run into since then is that one area of gutter has started to droop or was never installed properly so the water isn’t able to drain correctly in that spot.

While the roof was getting put on outside, our painters were here for the first time starting to work inside. The trim work in most of the house was painted a brown/almond color, which made the house look dated and (in my opinion) made the floorboards look dirty and in three of the rooms upstairs, the trim was painted green. We had all trim, including doors and moldings painted a bright, glossy white. Our painters had their work cut out for them because there were only two of them and they needed to paint every square inch of the inside of the house. They started work upstairs, because upstairs was more finished, and for the Monday and Tuesday that the roof was being put on, they didn’t even have all of the trim finished in the four bedrooms. If we had chosen to paint the house ourselves (which would have been a straightforward, relatively unskilled job) it would have taken us multiple months to finish. We were glad that, even though it took our painters a very long time, we chose to pay them instead of it taking up all our time. Also, we both really hate to paint so it was a good investment for our overall happiness and marriage. 🙂


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