We are Molly and Mike, transplants from Chicago where we lived for about 10 years. We are newly married with a baby boy on the way. We don’t love the renovation process but we love seeing our vision come to life and the creativity we get to invest in our home. We renovated our Chicago condo and when it was time to say goodbye to city life in search of a backyard and a homey neighborhood, we looked to move closer to family.

When we first laid eyes on the listing pictures of Farmhouse, we liked it. When first toured it, we loved it! We made an offer on the house but it was declined by the sellers. We mentally moved on and started searching for a home in a different city. After a couple months of not finding anything, we toured the Farmhouse again. This time the sellers reached out to us asking us to please make an offer again. Long negotiations, a lengthy home inspection, and much back and forth ensued before we finally came to an agreement and closed on the house on October 7th, 2016.

This site is to remind ourselves to take before and after pictures, to document the process of restoration and renovation, and to keep those who love us updated on our life adventures. We hope you enjoy!

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